Introducing Marketo Sky Beta

Welcome to the new Marketo. 

What is the Sky Beta?

On April 30, 2018, Marketo Sky began rolling out to customers as an opt-in beta experience. Sky utilizes new designs, workflows, and features to help you get more out of Marketo.

Customers can expect to see new features roll out and design changes made every few weeks. The first phase of the Sky beta featured an updated Marketing Activities space, including many key assets used in Marketo campaigns and programs. You won't see everything built out yet, but we'll continue development in the coming months with the goal of delivering a complete My Marketo, Marketing Activities, and Design Studio by the end of the year. As we move through 2019, you'll see even more areas of Marketo added to Sky.

Since this is an opt-in beta, Marketo Admins control whether or not the subscription gets enabled. Admins also have the option to restrict access to specific user roles. We hope you'll join us on this exciting journey as well as provide our product team with valuable feedback about what you encounter in the new Marketo experience.

A quick guide to many of the new features in the Sky beta is available here.

How Do I Enable the Beta?

As of May 31, 2018, all Marketo subscriptions have access to the beta. Marketo Admins can activate the experience for their subscription from Marketo's existing Admin area. There's a new link titled Marketo Sky, and from there Admins can turn the experience on and also restrict access to specific user roles in the subscription. Click here if you'd like step-by-step instructions.

Once enabled, users that have access can enter the experience from My Marketo. A tile called
Marketo Sky (Beta) will be added to the dashboard, and clicking it will take users to the new Marketing Activities within the beta. 


All of your existing content from Marketing Activities will be preloaded, allowing you to get started right away. The Sky beta uses your actual data and content, so treat them as you normally would in Marketo Classic. You can use both Marketing Activities experiences side-by side, but new features will only be available in Sky.

Things to Know Before Turning on the Beta

Marketo Sky is a beta offering, and as such, it may contain usability bugs, functional issues, or other irregularities. While we do have new documentation for each feature area, and Marketo Support will still be accessible, the experience is supported at a different level than Marketo's generally available (GA) products.

Because of the conditions associated with a beta offering, your company may choose to hold off on enabling the beta. There is no drawback to delaying enablement. Marketo will continue its quarterly releases for all other areas of the Marketo product portfolio.

If you do choose to help us build the new experience, our Product Team can be reached at for any feedback, questions, or to report any issues. You can also submit suggestions through our feedback form.

Known Issues and Pending Features

We are maintaining a page that outlines known issues and features currently in development

What to Expect During the Beta

The release cadence for Sky differs from that of other Marketo products—bug fixes and new features will be rolled out every few weeks. We will provide detailed documentation for each release, and you'll find in-app walkthroughs and notifications to guide you through the new capabilities.

Contacting Support

You can contact Marketo Customer Support through the usual channels ( Although support for this beta program does not operate under Marketo's standard SLAs, Marketo Support is still committed to delivering world-class service on every inquiry.

What's Included in the Beta When I Get Access?

The first phase of the beta includes:

  • Global
    • Workspace Switching
    • Running Task Notifications
    • Asset Labels
  • Marketing Activities
    • Marketing Activities Navigation Tree
    • Marketing Activities Search
    • Folders
    • Default Programs
    • Engagement Programs
    • Smart Campaigns
    • Emails
    • Landing Pages
    • Forms
    • Lists

Other areas of Marketing Activities will be released throughout the year. Check the release notes for details on newly rolled-out functionality. You should be able to find most assets in the Marketing Activities navigation tree, and any assets that are not yet available can be viewed in Marketo Classic. 


Your existing rules and permissions are applicable in the Sky beta and will also propagate to all new features. Other standard user and account settings, such as time zone and localization, will still apply as well.

What's Next for Marketo Sky?

We're excited to deliver new efficiencies and improvements to your team, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the new Marketo experience. In addition to contacting the team directly at, stay tuned for hosted webinars where we'll walk through new functionality and answer your questions. 

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