Here's how to set up a Link token for use in your programs and campaign folders.

1. In the My Tokens tab of your program or folder, drag a Link token to the Local Tokens canvas.


2. Enter a name for your new Link token. Then enter the Display Text, URL, and Title (title tag), and choose a Target from the drop-down.



  • New window: Opens the link in a different window
  • Current window: Opens the link in the same window
  • Parent: If there are nested frames on the page, it will open the link one level up
  • Full body: Opens the link in the main window

3. Check the boxes under Track link for to choose where you want your links to be tracked.



If Include mkt_tok is checked, Marketo displays a link preview of the branded tracking domain (e.g., If you clear this checkbox, the link is changed. If you turn off link tracking for emails or landing pages, the URL will be shortened to its basic length (e.g.,

4. Optionally, under Advanced, you can customize your link using CSS. Click Save.


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