Tree Background and Icon Color Update
Users should now be able to identify items in the tree a little bit easier. The background also gives Sky a more modern/refreshing look.

New Tree Collapse Feature
The Tree collapse bar is now a small tag that appears only when the user hovers anywhere on the tree. If the user drags the tree to its closed state, the option to expand the tree will persist.

Salesforce Inactivity Smart List Filters Now in a Folder
Previously the Smart List inactivity filters were not organized into a folder like the other Smart List area. We've added a folder to increase the organization of the Smart List Filters.

Was Added/Removed To/From Opportunity Cards Did Not List Opportunities
Resolved a bug where the user was not able to see any options in the drop-down for these cards. Users should now be able to see all options available and also have text verification.

Resolved System Error When Changing Qualification Rules
Fixed an issue where changing qualification rules would prompt a system error.


Users Can Now Add More Descriptive Identifiers to Their Assets Through the Header Component
Asset header character limit increased from 100 to 255 characters.

Users Are Now Able to Delete a Smart Campaign via the Tree and Smart Campaign Actions
Fixed a bug where some users received a system error when trying to delete a smart campaign.

Users Are Now Able to Use the Send Email Flow Card as Expected
Fixed a bug where adding the Send Email flow card would display a system error and prevent other cards from being added unless removed from the flow steps.

Users Are Now Able to Quickly Identify If There Is an Error with Either the Smart List or Flow Steps When Trying to Schedule a Smart Campaign Run/Recurrence
Implemented a way to prevent users from scheduling a Smart Campaign without a Smart List and/or Flow card.

Users Can Now Change the Status of One or More Members in a Program
Implemented ability to change status of members of a program.

Users Can Now Edit the Name of an Entry in the Program Schedule Tab
Fixed a bug that did not allow users to change a program calendar entry name.

Users Are Now Able to Get Important Information about Their Marketing Activities as Soon as They Enter Sky
Gives users quick access to important information and navigation to key Marketing Activities. Information presented in the Marketing Activities home includes: Create New Program, Create New Smart Campaign, Scheduled Today Programs and Campaigns, Recently Updated Programs and Assets, and Total Number of Active Trigger Campaigns.


Users Should Now Be Able to Preview Emails in Any Smart List/Flow Card
Users will now be able to correctly select which email they would like the smart list or flow to use.

Users Can Now Select Dates Using the "Date of Activity" Field in Smart Lists/Flows
This card field displayed critical errors that are now resolved.

New Marketo Sky Icons
Official design and branding of Marketo Sky is now updated across all Marketo Sky areas.

Fixed Mass Actions Permissions
Fixed bug that allowed users to perform mass actions on assets that they should not have had the ability to (Approve, Unapprove, Activate Trigger, Deactivate Trigger, Unschedule Batch).

Default Program Move Issue
Fixed bug that allowed users to move Default Programs into Engagement Programs, which is not supported.

Email Send Sample with Dynamic Content
If dynamic content is used in an email, users will now have the option to send a sample email using segmentation.

Asset ID added to Asset Details Page
Users will now be able to see the asset ID in the summary page for: Emails, Forms, Landing Pages, and Static Lists.


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