Mass Actions in Landing Page List Views
Users can now perform mass actions across multiple assets within Design Studio.

Default Program's Analytics Behavior Fixed
Users can now safely change drop-down values while in a Default Program's Analytics.

No System Errors Will Occur When Typing in a Filter Within a Default Program
Previously, default programs would show an error when users typed in a filter drop-down. This has been fixed. 

Clicking on Emails No Longer Prompts a System Error
In Design Studio, the Email section in the tree often produced an error. This has been fixed. Users will now see the "Coming Soon" screen.

Transition Rules Now Display an Autosave Indicator
Engagement Programs now display an autosave indicator for whenever a stream in the program is changed/modified.

More Asset Details Views in Global Search
Users can now see metadata for assets by clicking on any white space within the row of the asset they want to view.


Replace Action for Images and Files
Allows users to upload new images and files to replace an existing one without disrupting the other assets that are using the image or file being replaced.

Smart Campaigns Overview Page Visual Update
Users will now see a version of the Smart Campaign Overview that matches the style of all other overview pages.

Some Previously Disabled Smart List/Flow Cards Are Now Available
Users can now use smart list/flow cards that were previously disabled (e.g., Salesforce and some standard cards).

Users Can save New Flows/Smart List Rules
The Save New Rule feature in Smart Campaigns now allows users to save their smart list/flows again.

Global Search Allows Users to View Metadata
Users can now see metadata for assets by clicking on any white space within the row of the asset they want to view.

Global Search Queries Can Be Committed by Hitting the Enter/Return Key
Users can now type a keyword and hit the Enter/Return key to commit their search.


Event Program with Webinar Providers (ON24, ReadyTalk)
Enables users to run and attribute revenue to their webinar marketing initiatives.

Move Folder into a Workspace
Users are now able to move folders across multiple workspaces.

Image and Files Detail Pages
View key information of an image or file and take actions on the image or file.

Create New Landing Page Template
Allows users to create new Landing page templates from the Design Studio home.

Improved Label Functionality
Labels had sometimes reappeared on an asset once deleted. That has been fixed. Also, adding and deleting a label will no longer display an error. Users can now effectively organize their assets and maintain search-ability for them.

Drop-down Improvements
Previously, some options in a drop-down would not appear. That has been fixed. Users can now hover over additional options in any drop-down menu, allowing them to take an action on programs, assets, or campaigns without having to navigate back into Marketo Classic.

Users Now Have Additional Ways to Enter Global Search
Users can now use "Alt+G" to enter Global Search or by hitting the "Search All Marketo" button after a tree search was conducted.

Add Choice Data Fields 
Changing an operator for the Add Choice data fields will keep the value the user entered. Previously, the user would have to reenter their values into the Add Choice data field after changing the operator.

Change Status in Progression Card Will Now Display All Programs
The 'change status in progression' card will now display all programs either by typing the name of the program or by selecting the program in the drop-down. Users no longer have to add in a missing program via Marketo Classic.


Running a Single Flow Action for "Change Score" in a Smart List No Longer Sends a System Error
Users will not receive a system error and are able to use the single flow action as intended.

Changing an Operator in a Smart List/Flow Card Will No Longer Delete the Current Value
Users will now be able to change an operator within a card without the need to re-enter data into the following fields of the card.

Users Can Now Select a Date Range for the "Between" Operator of a Smart List/Flow Card
Previously, the "Between" choice could only be correctly modified in Marketo Classic. Now users can enjoy the enhancement of being able to select a date range for any card in a smart campaign.

Users Are Now Able to Create New Landing Pages Without Receiving an Error
This will allow users to create a new landing page from the marketing activities tree > new local asset.

Program Schedule "Create Entry" Now Loads the Correct Dialogue and Allows Users to Create Entries as Intended
Users can now create their entry whereas previously, the "Create Entry" option would not trigger an action or dialogue.

Users Can Now Create an Email Template from Design Studio Home
Users can now create their own email template directly from the Design Studio Home screen.

Snippets Will Now Display "Used by" Data
Users can now easily identify if a snippet is in use by an asset.

Snippets Will Now Allow Edit/Create Draft Actions
Users can make changes to an existing Snippet.

Selected My Marketo Views Will Now Persist Between Sessions
Users can now see their custom My Marketo view between sessions.

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