Global Search: Workspace Picker
Clarified the interaction with the workspace picker in Global Search to minimize confusion when selecting more than one workspace.

Tree Search Clear
When clearing the tree's search bar, the user wouldn't see their default tree assets returned to the view. Users are now able to use search and the clear functionality as intended.

Smart Campaign Time Zones
Users are now able to see the correct time zone—as set by their user profile settings—when viewing any Smart Campaign in Sky.

My Marketo System Errors
Users are now able to create, clone, rename, and delete dashboards, as well as delete widgets in My Marketo.


Create Task Flow Card Enabled
Users are now able to use the "Create Task" Flow Card in their smart campaigns.

UI Changes to the Navigation Widget in My Marketo
Users now see updated icons for the Navigation widget of My Marketo.

Expiring Soon Widget in My Marketo
Users now see the next 25 assets that are set to expire in their subscription.

Deliver in Recipient Time Zone Reports
Users can now see reporting for emails sent using this feature in the Email Program Reports.


Update Labels in Real Time
Users viewing an asset will see any updates another user makes to the labels in real time.

Global Search Relevant Assets
Users will now be able to see the top five asset results for the keyword they type on the Global Search landing page. Users will also be able to see the hierarchy of each asset and click into the hierarchy or the asset itself.

Global Search Reset Button Clears Modifies Workspaces
Global Search now includes clearing selected workspaces in the filter panel when the user clicks the reset button.

New Widget: Community Blog Posts
Users will now be able to see up to 25 of the most recent community blog posts. Once the widget is implemented into the user dashboard, users can quickly navigate to the blog post by clicking on the link associated with the post.

Smart List Autosave Indication
Smart lists will now show a timestamp displaying when the smart list was last saved. This timestamp should be updated automatically with any changes made to the smart list.


Users Are Now Able to See All Apps They Have Access to in the Main Menu of Marketo Sky
Users are now able to view all areas enabled in their subscription and navigate to them (e.g., Hootsuite, Calendar, SEO, etc.). These areas may not be built out yet in Sky, but it serves to help users navigate to all areas of Marketo.

Global Search Landing Page Will Now Allow Users to Have a Fresh Search Experience
If a user enters Global Search without any search criteria in their tree, the user will see a Global Search Landing Page to guide them through the Global Search experience.

Global Search Now Allows Date Ranges
Users are now able to select a date range within Global Search as a filter criteria (applies to Last Modified Date and Created Date).

Users Who Navigate to Marketing Activities Will No Longer See a System Error
Some users have reported seeing system errors when navigating to Marketing Activities Home. This has been resolved.

The Tree Will Now Always Display the Date Range
All users are now able to see the date range that the tree is displaying for their assets at all times. This is also where the user can change the currently selected date range.

New and Improved Report Dashboards for Email Programs
For Email Program batch sends and A/B tests.



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