Localization/Language Enhancements Across All Features
Non-english speaking users should be able to use Marketo Sky in their language of choice.

"Date of Activity" Constraint Operator No Longer Throws System Error for Non-english Languages
This card is now usable for all languages.

"Not Person Was Deleted from Salesforce" Inactivity Filter Now Enabled
All users are now able to use this Inactivity Filter in their Smart Lists.

Updated Date and Time Selection Modules for Email Programs
Users now see visual and interaction updates to the Date and Time selection within Email Programs.

Unapprove Programs While/After an A/B Test Is Run
Users are now able to unapprove an A/B test if the test is in-progress or complete, and the winner has not been sent. While unapproved, the user can edit send winner before re-approving the program.

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